A turnkey project with personalized solutions from the first meeting to post-sales support from a sole reference. An all-inclusive and hassle-free service that can adapt to and meet the client’s every demand without depleting precious resources.


We meet with our clients and listen carefully to their requests and demands in order to fully understand their intentions and propose effective solutions for the projects they wish to carry out.

Documentation development

Our team of engineers draws up the feasibility study, develops documentation and formulates the estimate.
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Design & Production

Our Technical Office produces working drawings of the project in 3D to later proceed with highly specialized technical experts to complete the project.
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Construction site supervision

We take care of construction site supervision; we are there during the survey stage and we coordinate the various work assignments in order to reach the results the client expects of us.


Once the project has been completed, the client will receive a detailed printed summary of the entire procedure along with the paperwork that authenticates certifications and conformity to legal regulations.


New and original décor solutions for exclusive and customized environments.

We provide our clients with products that are refined, elegant and practical whose production processes have either been carried out on the premises thanks to our highly qualified Technical Office capable of engineering décor solutions or completed with the collaboration of reputable and respected subcontractors.
 The signature Made in Italy characteristic is always there to guide us.