Gut Office Building - Milan

Gut Office Building - Milan

With CRT, turnkey projects are translated as innovation and integrity. We create large-scale renovations without any apprehension about the size of the building or the requested finishes. This philosophy has made it possible for us to offer definite and undeniable confirmation of the efficiency of our functional and meticulous worksite management.

In just a short period of time, we completed the refurbishment of this four-storey building including new hydraulic, heating/cooling, electric and computer systems. We built new bathrooms and dividing walls, supplied custom-made furniture and designed the international reception area. The result is a building with commercial office space for the managers and the entire staff of this corporation. Automation systems for the doors, security systems, lighting and UPS generators guarantee total efficiency and supply an area well-suited for a day at the office. Moreover, glass walls allow for brightness, excellent soundproofing and insulation to rooms and offices.

Even the building's heating system's transition from gas oil to gas was swift and precise, aimed at guaranteeing maximal functioning pursuant to existing laws, fire inspections and the needs of our client.

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