Liu-jo Wertheim

Liu-jo Wertheim

Delivery on time is one of the fundamental jewels for our company; the same can be said for everything that hides "behind the scenes" of our executions, including therefore what is not visible in appearance in the store.

We have many years of experience , also international , for the construction of large systems, concealed support structures, plasterboard, painting and building works in general; all elements that form the solid base of our best shops.

The care by technicians and operators for aestheticism and order, even where it is not seen, make our work harmonious and sincere.

State-of-the-art products combined with the use of the best materials are an assurance that makes us proud and confident of our results.

The certified systems, made in perfect working order and according to the strictest European regulations, make the shops functional, thus satisfying all the requirements and safety required for the staff and customers.

Always keeping up with the times, we value work and customer care, always succeeding in realizing the design ideas of the best international studios.

We thus give a 360 ° service to even the most demanding customer.

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