Facis Molfetta

A complete and concrete example of Turned Key.
One of the main prerogatives we set for ourselves is the service in its smallest part; with this shop we continue to demonstrate that starting from the room alone, we can give the customer a 360 ° service starting from the design of the systems, to the building finishes, up to the design of the most meticulous furnishings and details.
Thanks above all to the work of our designers, to our specialized technical office and to the experience accumulated over the years, the complete design has become our daily bread.
Through an in-depth study of design and accurate knowledge of the history and tastes of our client, we are able to "invent" directly the refined custom furnishings, unique in their kind and that best represent our customers. By using contrasting shades combined with a refined simplicity of design, functionality and product enhancement, we can always achieve the best and most impressive results.

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